Lizard Skin This Winter? No Way!

October 11, 2017 / / Newsletter

Resolution:  Let this be the last winter of dry, flaky skin!  Start prepping now and avoid the dreaded “lizard skin”.  Follow our tips for soft, supple and hydrated skin. 

Tip #1:  Toss Out the Rejects

Re-evaluate your daily home skin care routine.  Your skin has different needs in the fall and winter and those needs are best met by specific products.  Your primary objective:  Hydrate, exfoliate gently, and repair existing damage.

Our favorite SkinMedica fall & winter choices:  TNS Essential Serum, HA5 Rejuventing Hydrator, Dermal Repair (best night cream EVER!), and Retinol 0.25, 0.5,  or 1.0.

Pro Tip:  Protect & Defend

Don’t forget to protect!  Sunscreen in the fall & winter is the most forgotten beauty item, and it’s breaking our hearts.  The benefits of sunscreen are so numerous:  protect new wrinkles from forming, existing wrinkles from becoming deeper, brown spots from popping out, and more.  Our SkinMedica Total Defense & Repair is a fantastic choice because it improves the appearance of damaged skin with its powerful antioxidant blend AND defends against harmful infrared rays and free radicals.

Tip #2:  Peel & Reveal

Start grooming your skin now with our high-yield & low-downtime peels.  Choose from the Radiant Peel , Satin Peel , or Light Mixto and give your skin the boost it’s been craving.

Tip #3:  Cool It Down

Take shorter showers.  Keep the temperature at a reasonable level:  warm to moderately warm.  Try to avoid long, steamy excessively hot showers, as they strip your skin of valuable moisture and can lead to flaking, over-dryness, and eczema flares.

Tip #4:  Replenish At the Right Time

Moisturize as soon as you exit the shower.  Moisturizers are typically best applied while your skin is still damp.  Some choose to store a bottle right in the shower so they don’t forget.  Body lotions will soak into damp skin and create a protective layer needed by stressed fall and winter skin.

Follow our tips for your best skin ever!  Need some extra help?  Schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Jessie or Susan .  (301)698-2424

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Dr. To–Words cannot convey  my thanks to you for giving me back myself when I look in the mirror 🙂  You are truly an artist and great doctor who I will keep in my thoughts and prayers forever!  I am so glad our paths crossed Dr. To!  You and your team are great!!  Love you all.*

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