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This summer, sun-friendly Ultherapy™ boosts collagen and lifts skin while most laser treatments are off limits.

  • Non-invasive for a natural look without surgery

  • No downtime so you don’t miss a minute of summer fun

  • No sun-restrictions lets you enjoy time outdoors

Ultherapy™ lifts and sculpts the face, neck and chest without injections, downtime or surgery. Choose Ultherapy™ for the best non-surgical treatment in the industry.

Why Ultherapy™?

  • See results in 3-4 months and continued benefits after 6-12 months
  • Experience subtle lifting and tightening without surgery
  • Get your girlish curves and contours back without needles or incisions
  • Refresh and rebuild your own collagen cells using ultrasound energy and heat
    • Infused collagen cells lead to tighter, brighter skin

Why The Cosmetic & Skin Surgery Center?

  • We were the first to introduce Ultherapy™ to the tri-state region in 2010
  • Our Ultherapy™ providers are certified and have completed hundreds of treatments
  • We’re transparent with our fees
  • We match your goals to your budget
  • We specialize in facial rejuvenation, skin health and cosmetic dermatology

Our most popular beauty special is back!  In August and September, save 25% on Ultherapy.  Call today for your complimentary consultation:  (301)698-2424.

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I just have to say:  every time I interact with your office I am just astounded at how professional and cordial your team members are.  Whatever you’re doing:  you’re doing it right.  It really distinguishes you from everyone else and I am just so happy I chose your office after years of thinking about where to go.*

*Individual results may vary.


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