Botox® & Filler: A Girl’s Best Friend

Why would I consider getting treatment before the holidays? Look well-rested and refreshed for your family photos.  Use fewer filters on your selfies.  Make your friends jealous by how young you look! Are you bothered by frown lines or crow’s feet?  A modest amount of Botox® can smooth unwanted age lines.  What about deeper creases, […]

Behind the Scenes: The LA Lift®

What did you feel immediately after surgery? I had a big bandage around my face which was tight and actually felt good.  That only stayed on for a day and Dr. To removed it the next morning.  The removal wasn’t painful and Dr. To gave me an ace-bandage-looking thing to wear.  That felt tight and […]

Chin SculpSure®: Behind the Scenes

What did you feel immediately after your SculpSure® treatment? I felt just like I did before my visit, except my skin was warm.  Within a few minutes, my chin started to get a little full and firm.  It felt a little numb, too. Did you have to take any pain medication during or after your […]

Lizard Skin This Winter? No Way!

Tip #1:  Toss Out the Rejects Re-evaluate your daily home skin care routine.  Your skin has different needs in the fall and winter and those needs are best met by specific products.  Your primary objective:  Hydrate, exfoliate gently, and repair existing damage. Our favorite SkinMedica fall & winter choices:  TNS Essential Serum, HA5 Rejuventing Hydrator, […]

SculpSure Erases Chin Fat!

Why choose SculpSure® for the chin? Having a double chin can make you look older than your actual age.  Who wants that?  SculpSure® is the latest & greatest non-surgical, injection-free way to minimize chin fullness AND look younger.  We love it! How does SculpSure® work? SculpSure® is a laser that heats unwanted fat cells to […]

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